Roof Inspections

Why do roof inspections in in the first?

The most important reason why you should perform an inspection of a roof, and why they are important.

  • Property Appraisals

  • Roof Repair Estimation

  • Insurance Claims

  • Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

  • Home Maintenance (gutter, shingles, tuckpointing, ect.)



A professional roof inspector or surveyor will always be the best way to conduct an inspection. An actual trained professional’s eyes, ears, and or hands when it comes to conducting the inspection of a roof structure’s damaged areas or vital building components.

Drones eliminate the need for your employees to physically access dangerous environments. Factors such as height, wind and weather can lead to accidents or health issues. Drones can easily access difficult-to-reach areas while eliminating the need for an employee to go there using the risky mechanical tools.


  • Increase the safety of you and your employees.
  • Will save you money.
  • Gets an inspection of survey done faster.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency.
  • Collect in-depth data.
  • Can reach places where you can’t physically can reach.
  • Are easily deployable.

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